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Invitation Details: Die-Cut Shapes

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Part four of the invitation details series is here, and it’s about die-cut invitations!

Check out the four shape options offered in The Rosy Collection:

Die-cut wedding invitations

The best part? Adding a shape can elevate the look of your invites, but won’t blow your budget.


Shapes (or even something as simple as rounded corners) can take an elegant invitation and give it that pop of modern. (It’s a great compromise when mothers-of-the-bride want something simple and brides want dash of fun!)


(Photo cred: Brooke Allison Photo)

Don’t forget to check out parts 1-3: vintage postage, envelope liners, and belly bands + tags. And of course, head over to Brooke Allison Photo’s blog to see how this all began.

Finally, stay tuned for the final installation – a surprise from a photo shoot collaboration with the super-talented Ashley Douglass Events!


Invitation Details: Belly Bands + Ties

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today I’m talking about belly bands, tags + ties, as the third installment of my Invitation Details series! As I shared on the original post on Brooke Allison Photo’s blog here, the belly band is making a comeback. But lately brides have been asking me to interpret this in different ways. Here’s a look at a few of my custom designs from this season with a take on this detail…


One of my lovely July brides was having a book-themed wedding, and wanted to incorporate whimsical + organic elements into her design. We had the suite put together with gold baker’s twine, which was a great way to bring in the gold from her color palette.

DIY ALERT: I always offer my bride the opportunity to assemble these themselves. I simply come up with the idea and source/print for them, while they put together on their end. It’s a great way to cut down a little on costs!


One of my September brides is having a vintage + romantic wedding and really wanted to incorporate lace somehow into her design. So I sourced some real lace + tied the cards together. It added some texture + set the tone for her big day.


Tags can be added on to any tie, and it’s a great opportunity for that extra message or detail for your guests. Think fun wording, die-cut shapes, different strings…the possibilities are endless!



But there’s something to be said for keeping it classic. One of my July brides (and super nautical one at that!) opted for a traditional belly band for her yacht club soiree. The bold stripes gave a modern pop to a classic invitation design.

{Photo + Co-Paper Stylist Credit: Brooke Allison Photo}

Be sure to check out the other invitation detail installments here + here, and be on the lookout for 2 more in the near future!

Invitation Details: Vintage Postage

Monday, May 6, 2013

Today it’s all about vintage postage for your invitations, as it’s the second installment of my Invitation Details series! As I shared on the original post on Brooke Allison Photo’s blog (check it out here!), vintage stamps are a great way to infuse color + tell a story to your guests. On Brooke’s blog I shared my postage story, and below I’ve included some great examples of others I’ve put together for recent photo shoots. Full reveals for these shoots are to come, but for now enjoy vintage goodness (and fabulous calligraphy from Whoa Nellie)…



Here are some tips from my vintage postage go-to gal at Verde Studio:

-You can use vintage postage alongside current USPS stamps. So you could use a current USPS Forever stamp (check out the current offerings here) and then add the remaining cents worth of vintage postage needed to complete the arrangement. This can be a space and cost-effective way to add that vintage touch. Something old and something new!


– Arranging your stamps – technically you can place your stamps anywhere on the face (addressed side) of your envelope. I usually go traditional and cluster the stamps in the upper right corner of the face of the envelope. You can also place them across the top edge of the envelope – this works especially well when your return address is on the back of the envelope and not in the upper left corner.


Photo Credit: Brooke Allison Photo


-Most stamps come with gum on the back that becomes sticky when moistened. Feel free to go old-fashioned and lick your stamp before placing it on the envelope. But if you’ve got a lot of invites to mail, you can use a glue stick (Elmer’s brand works particularly well).

Check out the first installment of this series here, and stay tuned for two more + a special surprise one!

Invitation Details: Envelope Liners

Monday, March 18, 2013

As promised, here is the first installment of my “Invitation Details” series, which was introduced when guest blogging for my girl Brooke (from Brooke Allison Photo). Today I’m starting off with one of my favorites: envelope liners!

It’s kind of become my signature thing, and clients are constantly asking for them this season. It is a way to tie in one aspect of your wedding that may not be represented in your suite (such as color or texture) without blowing your budget Pre-made envelope liners can be purchased, but often you are limited to only certain colors or patterns. With custom liners, you get exactly what you want for your paper story!

Today I’m sharing a recent job of mine that used envelope liners in a particularly playful way! Check out the pictures below from this seriously fun project.

Photo Feb 02, 9 38 19 AM

The result…


Some important things to remember when taking on a project like this:

-Not all envelopes are created equal. Make sure that you measure the envelope you are using before trimming the liners!

-Paper wrinkling: it’s real, and it could happen to you. Because of this, the type of adhesive you use is supremely important. I prefer the tape dispenser rolls you can get at Staples or your local craft store. There’s no liquid so you don’t have to worry about over-applying the adhesive.

-Get ready to hunker down for the evening! If you’re taking this on as a DIY, there’s no shortcut to make this go faster. It’s a lot of trimming and adhering, but the result is definitely a show stopper.

And don’t forget that Roseville Designs offers this premium service to clients. You get the fun detail without all the manual labor!

Thanks to Brooke Allison for the lovely photography (be sure to check out my updated portfolio on the site as well!). Stay tuned for more of this series in the coming months….

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