Today it’s all about vintage postage for your invitations, as it’s the second installment of my Invitation Details series! As I shared on the original post on Brooke Allison Photo’s blog (check it out here!), vintage stamps are a great way to infuse color + tell a story to your guests. On Brooke’s blog I shared my postage story, and below I’ve included some great examples of others I’ve put together for recent photo shoots. Full reveals for these shoots are to come, but for now enjoy vintage goodness (and fabulous calligraphy from Whoa Nellie)…



Here are some tips from my vintage postage go-to gal at Verde Studio:

-You can use vintage postage alongside current USPS stamps. So you could use a current USPS Forever stamp (check out the current offerings here) and then add the remaining cents worth of vintage postage needed to complete the arrangement. This can be a space and cost-effective way to add that vintage touch. Something old and something new!


– Arranging your stamps – technically you can place your stamps anywhere on the face (addressed side) of your envelope. I usually go traditional and cluster the stamps in the upper right corner of the face of the envelope. You can also place them across the top edge of the envelope – this works especially well when your return address is on the back of the envelope and not in the upper left corner.


Photo Credit: Brooke Allison Photo


-Most stamps come with gum on the back that becomes sticky when moistened. Feel free to go old-fashioned and lick your stamp before placing it on the envelope. But if you’ve got a lot of invites to mail, you can use a glue stick (Elmer’s brand works particularly well).

Check out the first installment of this series here, and stay tuned for two more + a special surprise one!

xo, Sandy