2017 Wrap-up


I’m writing my 2017 wedding season wrap-up post a little early this year, as I’m packing up + preparing for our move to Los Angeles. This year has taken some unexpected turns–most notably the decision to move across the country–but as a creative business owner I’ve learned to embrace the unknown. I remind myself that great things never came from comfort zones, so I’m *trying to* take the leap with arms wide open and figuring out the rest once I get there. It’s gotten me this far with my business (and celebrating 5 years!), so hopefully I’ll find similar success implementing the same attitude + drive with this new family adventure. And I’m really looking forward to continuing to serve my Connecticut + New England brides while building up business in Southern California! And on the topic of change, my mom was talking about her wedding invitations the other day, saying that adding a lime green border was so out of the norm. It seems unimaginable now that adding such a simple detail to an-already simple invitation would push the envelope, pun intended, and yet it did. It made me reflect on how much change has happened to bring us to the current state of weddings. Couples are taking charge of their wedding and finding value in their wedding style like never before. My couples care about not only creating a thoughtful + beautiful paper story, but infusing their personalities + tastes into all the details of their day. It makes my job exciting, challenging, and rewarding because I get to know my couples on a level I never could if I had an online order site or traditional paper shop.So here are just a handful of my 2017 brides + their invitations. (I’m still waiting on my fall + winter brides’ photos, so be sure to check back for lots of real wedding posts in the coming months!) I loved setting the photos up for this post side by side, so you can really see how their style + personalities directly influenced the look of their paper stories. Thank you to all my amazing 2017 couples. You’ve made this season an unforgettable one, and I am so excited for all the weddings I’ve got cooking for 2018.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a joyous new year!

Row 1: Melissa Robotti Photography / Row 2: Ashley Therese Photography / Row 3: Jessica Haley Photography / Row 4: Brooke Allison Photo / Row 5: Vicki + Erik Photographers / Row 6: Ashley Caroline PhotographyLooking for more inspiration? Click here for more real weddings!







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