Black Lives Matter



What a year, and what a week it’s been. There’s been so much sadness + grief, but I’m seeing winds of change. Businesses are opening, and so are people’s consciousness to all the pain Blacks have endured. My thinking has shifted so much, and I’ve been wrestling with how I can help be part of the solution.

Whit McClure of Whit Hazen Floral Design wrote an Instagram post last week about using your art to make change (check out her post with all the red roses). So I got up Monday morning and decided to follow suit, by creating free printable Black Lives Matter protest posters you see below. They can be downloaded via this link right here. I gave various sizes but if you need something different, just contact me and I am happy to send you what you need!

Stick ‘em to cardboard and head to the streets, tape them up in your front yard, share them on Instagram, put them in your kids’ rooms…whatever you need in this moment.

It’s a time where we are all asking what we can do. God gave us each a gift that sets the stage for us to make change in some way, big or small. I think we’ve all seen over the last week how one voice, one post, one decision to “do” can reverberate and lead to changing minds + hearts. So if you feel moved, think about what your gift is and use it to make some noise.


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