Client Love + The Busy Wedding Season

On Business

It’s pretty crazy over here these days. It’s that extraordinarily busy time of the year where I’m working on invitations for fall brides and day-of paper for summer brides. Pretty much every ounce of free time is spent working, and most evenings I’m scarfing down dinner then assembling + packing up orders while I enjoy a Netflix binge. It’s been a new challenge balancing it with two kids, and there are days where my tank hits empty. I had one of those days this week, but then this email hit my inbox….


The beauty of doing a job that you love is that in only takes a little positive energy to fill your tank back up. It’s kind of like how your kids drive you crazy all day, but they say one sweet thing to you and it manages to erase the last 8 hours of chaos. The other wonderful part of my job (that I say over and over again) is that I get to work with such wonderful people. I am fortunate that I attract brides that are kind, easy-going, have a great sense of style, and find so much joy out of the design of their paper goods. So though I do look forward to the days when things return to normal-busy mode, I wanted to take this moment to practice gratitude for an amazing job and the couples that allow me to tell their unique wedding paper stories.

Now, back to work! 


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