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You may have heard from some of your vendors about wedding invitation production/printing delays and/or shortages. I thought I’d break it down for you when it comes to wedding invitations + stationery, to help you understand the background a bit!

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Damn you, COVID

Just like the curtains you ordered months ago that are still backordered, some supplies for your wedding (particularly envelopes and certain papers), may be delayed in shipping. COVID interrupted supply + production, and when weddings came back, they came back for 2021 weddings and all the 2020 weddings that had been postponed. This meant almost double the demand with less than the average supply. As the wise Beth Chapman said, we went from famine to feast (almost overnight!).

Printers are backed up too, as well as shipping companies like UPS and FedEx, and we all know USPS can be a hot mess at times. We are happy to offer expedited shipping on orders for an additional charge, but there isn’t a ton we can do to push things along with our printers. We also want to ensure quality over speed!

In many cases, your stationery designer may not know something is out of stock or backordered until the order is placed and they get “the call” from the supplier. So be patient with your vendor if they propose a cool blue envelope and then tell you they can’t get that exact one in time. We are working hard to find alternate options! ‍♀️

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With two season’s worth of weddings, we have a bigger workload than ever, while also putting in extra effort to find availability for your favorite envelope, or the perfect color handmade paper. We are SO happy to be back working on your wedding, but please be patient with us and know that we are busting our butts—working long hours—to get you the best final product! Some of you have waited years to finally order your paper goods, and we want you to have it be worth the wait. ♥️

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Questions? Feel free to contact me! And if you’re looking for more COVID-related invitation tips, check out this recent post about how to tell your guest about COVID guidelines for your wedding.

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