Gettin’ Nautical….


Nautical weddings in New England have been on the brain, as I’ve had a slew of clients lately who are getting married at yacht clubs. Many of them at our consultations when describing their wedding have said, “it’s nautical…but we’re not really boat people”. I can’t help but think of the beginning scene of “Wedding Crashers”, when they read their vows and refer to each other as “captain” and “first mate”. So many couples these days want their wedding to be a true reflection of themselves. Perhaps because of this, they feel to get married at a nautical venue they must be seagoing people. Whether we yacht it up on the weekends or just love a good BBQ at the beach, we can all have our own version of nautical. (And living in New England we cannot ignore the AMAZING venues we have, thanks to being on the shoreline!) There’s the straight forward nautical wedding (which I LOVE and believe will never go out of style), but there’s also the option of sprinkling nautical notes throughout our celebration. So below are some fun visuals I’ve found that highlight that classic + fun nautical flare, as well as those that are a little more subtle.

Whatever direction you go, there’s no denying that a wedding by the water makes for some of the most gorgeous nuptials around!

Row 1: beer boat / striped bridesmaid dress / gold shell decor Row 2: navy & white cake / nantucket reds / rope chandelier Row 3: oar guestbook / red & white skirt / dock tablescape

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