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I’ve always thought that I had things worth saying and a knack for eloquent writing. These are clearly two key requirements for starting a blog, but you need a platform. Creating a blog simply called “Sandy Says” seemed like the ultimate act of vanity, so when deciding to go full force with my dream of starting my design business I’ve found my shtick. Now I can share my thoughts and inspiration and tell people, “Hey, it’s for business.”Lots of people after going through the wedding planning process find inspiration in the bridal arena. “Being a wedding planner would be so cool” is a phrase uttered by brides everywhere. When you enter the world of floral arrangements, food tastings and gown shopping, you imagine that working in the wedding industry is full of organza and orchids. You’d volunteer your services if there were such a charity and you think to yourself, “How cool would it be to do this every day?”Then reality sets in. You take that dark turn down Regret Road and kick yourself for majoring in Philosophy and not attending art school. You think how much more interesting you’d be at a cocktail party if you told people you were a floral designer instead of what you are, which 90% of the time has to be explained. (No one’s ever asked Vera Wang at happy hour to clarify what her job entails).Though I fully recognize this is not the experience of every bride, I can speak so well to this because I went through it myself. For many brides this syndrome is temporary, reminded that it was fun to play in that world for a year while planning, but if you did this for a job you’d no longer be the client, or more importantly, the bride. In fact, you’d have to deal with brides on a daily basis. Depending on your reading on the bridezilla scale, this is a frightening thought.But for me, it wasn’t about being the bride. That sneaking suspicion that I could do something else that I really love (and be good at it) only grew stronger throughout my planning process. And I ultimately realized that planning my wedding was an experience that pushed me towards acting on something I had dreamed about for a long time.So begins the journey of Roseville Designs. I thank you for indulging me and reading my first blog post, and hope that you’ll read the ones to come–no longer as a favor to me, but simply because you enjoy reading them. I promise not to be too self-indulgent, but instead take you on the journey with me as I share beautiful designs, inspirations & lessons learned about building a business. Loyal friends are important, but so are genuine fans. Having people who are in both camps is icing on the cake.{She by Kobi Yamada}

  1. Nancy Cass says:

    Sands, this is awesome! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to order from you! I get Roseville 🙂

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