How Many Invitations Should You Order?

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The question I get asked most in my consults is how many invitations should you order? As you plan your wedding, you have your guest count drilled into your brain: 150, 135, whatever the number is, you use it when thinking about number of meals, how many chairs to order, and lots more. But when it comes to invitations, that is NOT your golden number. The reason is very simple: you order one invitation suite per household/couple.I also advise my couples to order at least 10% extra, but let’s break that number down so we know what these are for…So remember, always double-check that number to make sure you’re accounting for 1 per household, plus the extras you need. Ordering too many invitations is an easy way to waste precious wedding budget funds!Love this info and looking for a custom stationer who can keep you on track with ALL things wedding stationery? 

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