I Almost Missed This….


I get A LOT of emails every day. Between my 9-5 gig, the design business and my personal life, I’m managing a bunch of inboxes and people in need of information. Trimming down my inbox means deleting or marking as read those emails which aren’t too important (mostly clothing sales + Staples coupons), and this can turn into a feverish exercise. This weekend I was at home going through my inbox, when I noticed an email with a photo attachment that was marked as read. This was clearly a mistake, because this email would have certainly prompted a response. A response of excitement, joy, and thankfulness to have something put a big smile on my face. This is what was in the email; a picture of my beautiful niece, Abigail. It’s amazing how much she’s grown, and with her and her family living in Arizona these emails and videos are particularly important. As I see how wonderfully her red hair is growing in (a seriously strong gene in the Shannon family!), I kick myself a little for being so careless with my email scrolling. Sometimes we need these reminders to slow down + give special attention to our personal lives.

And I couldn’t think of a better person to remind me of this than little miss Abigail…

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