Introducing the Rosy Collection


This business season has been a whirlwind of excitement + amazing opportunities. As I’ve been pouring my heart  + soul into my work, I’ve also been keeping notes on things. Things like trends, client expectations, mistakes I’ve made; it’s a testament to the value of experience + the last several months have been chock-full of ’em.

The biggest trend I came across was why people came to me. A lot of them arrived on the heels of a not-so-great experience somewhere else. They went to their local paperie and flipped through books. When they asked if they could combine the layout of this invitation with the fonts of that invitation, the answer was often no. Some of them went to the online order sites. They could customize as they pleased, but their vendor relationship was with a computer and a formatted box that simply said “notes”.

Though these options are great for some people, my clients wanted more. My bride + groom cared a lot about their wedding, loved the process of having a design consultation (how could you not at the fabulous Wedding Loft?), and saw working with me as a fun process. They had a pretty clear idea of what their big day was all about, and were looking for someone to translate it for them. And fortunately I speak the language of  paper + design pretty well.

But that fluency must come at a cost. Time is money, people, and it was becoming clear that I wasn’t getting paid enough for mine. So how could I continue to give that special level of service I set out to offer when I started this business, be understanding of people’s budget restraints, and bring home some bacon at the end of the day?

Enter the Rosy Collection.

{All photos courtesy of Brooke Allison Photo}

The Rosy Collection is my version of semicustom designs, which includes over 20 wedding invitation suites (and can be adjusted for save the dates, or any party!). What makes my collection different is that you have the streamlined process of choosing a design (being able to customize colors, fonts, and wording), while still getting plus-ups and details that my clients have come to love. So two brides may choose the same design, but the final result can be starkly different.


Thanks to my girl at Little Random Details for the amazing crafty details that enhanced my styled paper. And most especially, a humongous debt of gratitude to my photographer friend and co-paper stylist Brooke Allison Photo. Your skills + general giddiness when choosing props and background paper mean more than you probably know.

And to my clients, because getting emails like this is what I dreamed about when I started this biz:

We chose you 🙂 !  Not only are you professional and kind but you are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in what we are looking for.  As soon as we left, my fiance said she is hands down the best fit for us and I couldn’t agree more. 

This is just an added branch to the Roseville tree, as custom design work will still make up for a large part of my business. To peruse the full collection, check out the Rosy Collection Page on the website. There’s also a design guide that will be available to all clients who inquire! The Wedding Page has some great links to more of my work as well.

I look forward to seeing where this new venture leads, and rest assured more collections are in the works (including save-the-dates and baby paper goodness). So be sure to check back often!

{Planners + Wedding Vendors: if you’re interested in samples or an updated pricing sheet, please email me at}

  1. Alonda B. says:

    Amazing designs and amazing to work with. You are worth EVERY penny and then some. These are fabulous.

  2. so so so very proud of you! XO

  3. Amy says:

    So so proud of you. This is awesome and I love the title for the collection! Perfection!

  4. Nice!! What a lovely collection of stunning wedding invitations. All these invitations are adorable and of unique designs. Really you did a great job. Please share some more examples from yours rosy collection.

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