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A few weeks past I posted on Instagram about how I think custom invitations for micro weddings are just as important—if not more—than the standard large wedding. And in most cases, doing something custom, with plus-ups,  is more attainable. Let’s discuss…

What is a microwedding?

Let’s start with some definitions here so we are all on the same page! A microwedding is a smaller-scale celebration that usually has a guest count of 20 or less, and has a shorter and much simpler timeline. Most often, micro weddings will have a quick ceremony and a more relaxed reception. To be clear, this doesn’t mean it’s a handful of loved ones in jeans + t-shirts eating a casual dinner then heading home. This can still be formal + special, just on a smaller scale.

You may think, ok, I’m just inviting close family + a couple friends. I might as well do an email invitation, or something I can just buy from an online site quickly. I understand the initial thought, but let me explain why you shouldn’t jump to this conclusion.

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For a lot of couples out there, a micro wedding has only happened because of the coronavirus pandemic. You had wedding plans in place and Pinterest boards created, but that 150-person gathering at that converted-factory-turned-gorgeous-venue is not longer responsible or admissible. It’s awful and I’m sorry. I know these days we should be grateful for our health and loved ones, but you can feel that while also being disappointed that things haven’t gone the way you planned.

And I believe one of the best ways to make the most of the situation is to not abandon all the thought + detail you initially had put into your big day. It’s not about a total change in look, but rather in scale. Good news? Less guests means less cost, so you can follow the quality-over-quantity rule! This all starts with the invitation.

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I’m currently working with a couple whose wedding in 2021 has less than 50 people. Because her quantity is only around 25 (since you order 1 invitation per household), we could add some fabulous plus-ups that would otherwise be out of budget for her. Wax seals, vellum, silk ribbon—the sky was the limit!

TIP: some stationers may have a quantity minimum of 50. However, if you do plus-ups like envelope liners or other embellishments, you may reach a dollar minimum instead. And in this pandemic world, vendors may be more flexible, especially if you want to do something really cool + creative!

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Next, let’s talk about your guests. I believe that their wedding experience doesn’t begin when they arrive at your ceremony; it begins when they open their mailbox to find their save the date for your nuptials. Your save the dates set the tone, and hits them with their first dose of joy from your wedding! Now for you, this may have meant some ups + downs. A save the date, followed by a change the date, then possibly a second change the date. But now we are here, things are set and it’s time to get back on track! I think in the world we currently live, moments of joy + reasons to celebrate are valued more than ever before. And nothing is more joyous than two people deciding to spend their lives together. So when you’re figuring out your micro wedding or elopement invitations, take the time to incorporate those special details. Maybe it means your guests get to untie a beautiful velvet ribbon, or rip open an envelope with a genuine wax seal on the back flap.

Because your quantity is low, your stationer may allow you to do the assembly of your plus-up. This may not have been feasible when you were sending out 150, but at less than 25 you can save yourself a little money and perhaps even enjoy this DIY project. (There is something about creating with your hands that is so cathartic!) I always give my couples the option to assemble + DIY to ensure my work is accessible to different budgets.

Now I may have convinced you to forego the digital invite, but you still want to get something printed and in the mail quickly. I understand. Weddings in 2021 are going to be BUSY, with so many couples who postponed from 2020. The Rosy Collection is a great option because you get that custom level of service with me, but with a pre-made design we aren’t starting from sketch, thus saving us a good amount of time! And as past couples will attest, I work quickly when necessary to keep you on the timeline we’ve created.

Lastly, whether you have a huge ballroom fete or an intimate backyard gathering, an heirloom is important. Past couples tell me how much they love looking back on their invitation, and when they have older children, they will want to look back on their parents’ wedding details. Putting a print-out from an online invitation is kind of lame. There, I said it.

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I hope this post has helped you clearly evaluate your options for your microwedding invitations. In my experience, people rarely regret investing in the details that make their celebration unique + special. With an elopement or microwedding, the options are still there. Because meaning doesn’t mean expensive, elaborate + big. It just means making it special for you + the loved ones you’ve chosen to be part of your day.

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Photo 1: Ashley Rae Studio, Photo 2+3: Peterson Design & Photography


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