Momentous Occasions


Today is my first anniversary with my husband, and we are in Napa & Sonoma all this week to celebrate. It seems fitting, almost propitious, that with my new business the first year is paper. Blog posts of our west coast adventures are sure to come, but for now I’m taking a sentimental route with this entry.What I create are designs for occasions. Weddings, births, showers;  it’s about days we deem “momentous”.  But it’s important to remember that those days are in fact, just days – 24 hours of celebration, love and excitement. What really matters is what comes after the guests leave and the gifts are all unpacked. It’s about the new partnership we’ve entered into, or the new life we’ve created. At my friend’s wedding early last September, the groom’s mother toasted the couple and said, “I hope today is the day you love each other least.” On its surface it may sound drab, but it’s actually quite a lovely sentiment. 

It’s a reminder that this day is fleeting, and the best is yet to come.

Photo from the talented Robert & Kathleen Photographers

  1. Karen Jackson says:

    Happy 1st Anniverery Sweet Sandy. xoxox Aunt Karen

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