My Baby Shower


Back in May I was surrounded by friends + family at The Blue Lemon Restaurant in Westport for my baby shower! I was lucky enough to have fabulous photog Tim from TBM Photography document the day, so thought I’d share some pics. My main jam is weddings, but I do still work on the occasional baby-related paper good. Though I was strictly prohibited from being involved in the planning of my shower, my sister + mother did let me do the invitations. It’s a weird (but very exciting) experience to not have a client to answer to, because really you can do exactly what you want. The theme for the nursery was originally intended to be fruits + vegetables, but once I did the carrot + bunny look for the shower, the bunny took over! (As my friend Sandra says, it’s now my spirit animal.) I never pass up an opportunity to line an envelope, and lately I’m really digging wraparound address labels. Maybe not as high-end for certain wedding invitations, but for a party invite or save the date they look great against a colored envelope (and allow for a lot of creativity!). The last little piece were custom coasters I made that sat at each place setting. They’re a great alternative to printed cocktail napkins, which often get scrunched up and thrown in the garbage!Thanks to Sarah Giggar from Giggar Makeup Artistry for prettying me up for my celebration!But most of all, thanks to loved ones who came to celebrate Baby Shannon!

Now on to baby announcement design planning….

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