Our Big News


In this post I talked about self-reflection, and thinking about all the excitement to come for 2014. But the biggest piece of joy for 2014 I was keeping under wraps….until now. Mike + I are so excited to officially announce that we’re expecting a baby in July! The past year + a half business has been a whirlwind of excitement, and I can’t wait to keep riding this wave in 2014. I’ve already been blessed with a bunch of amazing clients for this season and rest assured, business in 2014 is still in full force. I’ll be working on pretty paper for a good chunk of the year! However, some day-of paper needs (mostly for August and September brides) will be delegated to another designer depending on your exact wedding date. In true Sandy-spreadsheet-nerd fashion, I’ve made schedules for all my 2014 clients thus far ensuring that their paper needs are covered for their big day!

If any clients have questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!

But for now, I’ll continue to enjoy my sour cream + onion potato chips (and more OJ than I thought one person could consume) as I dive head first into busy season :).

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