Paper Stories


“Paper stories” are something I’ve been talking about a lot recently. It’s part of my tagline with the new brand look, but it’s really the core of what makes Roseville different. Everyone’s story is different. For some I’m only part of one chapter, perhaps just the invitations. But more often I get in right from the start, when the colors are chosen and the style is determined, but so much is still open to explore. We work on save the dates, invitations, thank you cards, and day-of paper wedding details. When I get those clients, I get a special treat at the end: seeing the story from start to finish. As I was packing up this day-of paper for a very special May bride, I got out the rest of their paper goods to look at the culmination of months of planning, emails, design, assembly, and delivery. I’m so grateful to my couples who invite me in to their wedding planning (no pun intended, really!).

Looking forward to all the paper stories unfolding for the season…

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