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(Photo Cred: Shaina Lee Photography) Wow, 5 Years of Roseville Designs + creating fresh wedding paper stories + invitations.I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to say to mark the occasion. After reading my very first blog post, my thoughts kept going back to how much has really happened since I took a chance on a dream. I remember the night I came home and told my husband I wanted to be a stationery designer. I kind of felt like a 6 year old who just finished the school day and declared to her parents, “I want to be an astronaut!”. But he supported me since day one, and is a huge reason for my success.If you had told me back then that in 5 years I’d be doing this job I love full time, have my own studio with fantastic friends + vendors, get to make my own schedule (all while raising my 2 little girls), I would have said you were crazy. But that’s why they call them dreams and not goals. Dreams are things you hope for but secretly fear may never happen, so it makes it that much sweeter when they actually do.In the creative entrepreneur world, people talk a lot about success. What does success truly mean? When you start out you quantify by number of clients, how much money you’re making, and how busy you are. You leave an Instagram scrolling session feeling like everyone is cooler, smarter, and more creative than you. When I had this feeling I’d crank up “Roar” by Katy Perry and repeat the saying, “Don’t compare your start to someone else’s middle.” Well now that I am in my middle, I can tell you that the hard beginning is worth the pay-off. You find your niche, grow a thicker skin, find a tribe of fellow creatives to lean on (thank you Brooke Allison Photo + Amy Champagne Events), and spend more energy on your growth. You know that just like life, nobody’s creative business is perfect. In this last season I still had moments where I’d ask myself, “Am I good enough to be doing this?” and wonder if it’s time to throw in the towel. So the bad news is it’s never easy, but the good news is your ability to roll with the punches vastly improves. So what’s the conclusion? Success is something each person must define for his/herself. My friend Kerri-Lynn from Stella Day Events once said to me, “I just want to be with my kids and design pretty weddings”, and that pretty much sums up success for me. It’s dance parties with my 3 year-old in the kitchen while the chicken nuggets bake, sitting outside on my back porch any time I want, and getting to be creative every single day. But let’s stop talking about me, because there’s no way I’d have made it this far without my amazing couples. They are the real stars! Over the last 5 years I’ve worked with brides + grooms that have trusted me to understand their wedding aesthetic, personalities, and what their needs are beyond just pretty design. I’m so thankful that my mission to be a “wedding paper planner” has resonated with so many people, and that I’ve been able to cut down on their stress of planning a modern + well-designed wedding. There are lots of exciting changes coming in 2018, but what I hope never changes is my knack for attracting clients who embody the type of wedding stationery I love to create: happy, fresh, modern + thoughtful.

Here’s a look at just a handful of my amazing couples over the past 5 years.








 Photo Cred (left->right):

BSC Photo / Ashley Caroline Photo / Athena Blude Photography / Ashley Therese Photography / Brooke Allison Photo / Kelsey Combe Photography / Jillian Michelle Photography / Stefanie Kapra Photo / Jessica Jaccarino Photography / Michelle Lindsay Photography / Carla Ten Eyck

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