Sometimes it Just Takes One Image….


Lately I’ve been working on a lot of branding projects. I really love logo design and creating a look + feel for a business. I always give my clients instructions on how to get inspired, because often times they’re inclined to put the cart before the horse. They want to get the website running and the business cards printed; but it’s vital to really dive into what we want our business to be + our brand to say before we launch (or re-launch!) to the public. One of the exercises I give is to create an inspiration board. They’re commonly done on Pinterest, but I also suggest they go elementary school style and make a collage of images from magazines. The exercise of flipping. clipping and gluing allows the mind time to digest a bit more, versus pinning frantically on a mobile app. We may not all be “artistic” in the conventional sense, but we all know what we like!I also tell them not to question what speaks to them, or feel confined by the nature of their business. Sometimes all it takes is one image to give you a moment of, “Yes!”. Today, I got that from this shot: {source}

The former art school student part of me would say it has a wonderful sense of movement + scale, but today I just feel like saying it’s a darn happy photo…and I’m grateful that it takes me to a carefree time + place.

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