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Today I’m talking about some lessons I’ve learned for success as a work-at-home mom. When I had my first child, balancing motherhood and my business was chaotic. I had first-time-mom overwhelm and inconsistent childcare. So when Layla came I vowed to have a set plan. So here are my tips for my fellow creative entrepreneurs […]

How to Be A Successful Work-at-Home Mom

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There must be something in the water, because as I was gearing up to write this personal blog post I came across a couple from other fellow wedding vendors on the same subject, including one from the fabulous Ashley Therese Photography. Finley caught a nasty cold last week, so I kept her out of daycare […]

Small Business Mom

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Today I want to talk about parenthood and being a professional (wedding or otherwise). It’s been on my mind quite a bit since reading Lean In + feeling my baby kick up a storm. So I contacted loved ones + wedding professional friends who are moms and asked them some questions.It was really interesting getting feedback from […]

Balancing Work + Motherhood: An Exploration

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I get A LOT of emails every day. Between my 9-5 gig, the design business and my personal life, I’m managing a bunch of inboxes and people in need of information. Trimming down my inbox means deleting or marking as read those emails which aren’t too important (mostly clothing sales + Staples coupons), and this […]

I Almost Missed This….

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