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No, I haven’t updated The Rosy Collection with new suites (that is down the road), but it has gotten a new page on the site!

For those who don’t know, The Rosy Collection is my collection of semi-custom suites. It originally launched back in 2015 as a way to make my unique services available to a wider range of budgets. “Luxury” is rarely a word you’ll hear me use for my designs. I do a great deal of custom and offer a unique level of service to my couples, but the word “luxury” to me implies accessible to only an elite group of people. That was never my vision when I started this business. The Rosy Collection is a big part of maintaining the goal of availability to a diverse group of engaged couples.

I prefer to wait to explain the in’s + out’s of my services, specifically the custom vs. semi-custom options, but I also felt like what was on the site prior didn’t give The Collection the love it deserved. On the new page, you get to see the design of each entire suite (because I know the full package matters!) and see The Rosy Collection in action. I compiled photos of iterations of suites from The Collection, to show its versatility. As I always say in my phone consultations, even though it’s technically semi-custom, going the Rosy route really FEELS custom.

For example, when you go with the Rosy Plus Package, we take a Collection design and include one ore more plus-ups: gold foil, envelope liner, custom wax seal…so many options! Conversely, going with the Rosy Package means you choose a collection and get the standard customizations: color, font, wording paper + print method. The standard still has plenty to be excited about, knowing your guests will get something in the mail they’ve never seen before.


The biggest takeaway from working with me—whether you go full-on custom or opt for a simple suite from The Rosy Collection—is that you’ll never have an add-to-cart experience. You’ll be working with me, and if you say I want this Collection suite but can we make the florals slightly bigger, the answer will be yes. We’re partners and I am invested in your wedding regardless of where on the budget spectrum your wedding lives.

Photo Credit: Peterson Design & Photography

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