I’ve been reflecting on vacation and the idea of unplugging this week. As I sit here on Labor Day with my feet against the rails of our Vermont cabin, I’m reminded of what getting away truly means. Normally on vacation I count down from the beginning, 4 days to go until I have to get back to reality, 3, 2, 1…I really love my reality, my day-to-day. Sure, having my full-time gig in addition to my business can be taxing, but I’m very happy with my present. My dad tells me the late twenties is the best time in your life, because you’re young enough to believe that anything is possible and old enough to make it happen. I think he may be right.But with vacation comes a bit of a lull. You get used to the ease of not planning each part of your day and (gasp!) not checking your email every 15 minutes. You see that an email response today vs. tomorrow really doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, and you learn to ease off the gas pedal.As I enter September (my favorite month!) I’m filled with excitement, but a little angst. The busy season is calming down a bit, but having the opportunity to take a breath is scary. We desperately cling to a time when this will come, yet when it does we fear it means disaster. So in September I’m going to try and appreciate the moments when I am striking a balance between work and play. I’m savoring this time I’ve had with my family (thanks to Lara Casey for some wise words on that subject). This is the first vacation we’ve taken with kids, now that my sister is a Mom. It’s changed things, but for the better.

So here’s to September, which I hope brings a season of continued success, growth, and life lessons for all.

(My niece on her first speed boat trip. She took it like a champ and had more joy on her face than I think I’ve ever seen before. I wish us all that kind of bravery.)

  1. Alexis says:

    How lovely Sandifer. You have a way with words. And, you are an amazing Auntie. “More Dee Dee!”

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