Valentine’s Day – Free Printable Card


 Valentine’s Day is next Thursday, and many of us drive to CVS at the last minute in hopes of finding a card with a message that at least somewhat captures our feelings about our wife, boyfriend, grandmother, daughter, etc. But wouldn’t it be better if the card were truly personalized for that special someone?Well, today’s your lucky day, as I’ve put together a free printable for this special holiday. The front reads “I love you more than” and has a line at the bottom for you to fill in the blank. So for example, if I were printing this for my husband I would write “potatoes”, “Golden Girls Marathons”, or “a sale at J.Crew”. The list goes on…So, here are the simple steps to follow: 1. Download the file here 2. Print (preferably on thicker stock than your regular printer paper) 3. Cut at the trim marks & fold in half 4. Fill in the blank on the outside and write whatever you’d like on the inside!

Hopefully this will prevent some of you from being in the dog house on 2/14. Happy Printing!

  1. Annie says:

    What a cute card, thanks!!!!!

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