The Essential Guide To Wedding Invitation Info Cards


Today I’m sharing the essential guide to wedding invitation info cards!Ah, the elusive information card for your wedding invitation suite. I constantly get questions from clients on wording for details cards. The truth is, it’s not one size fits all. What you include really depends on your guests + your wedding details, but here are a few things I always tell my couples… {Photo Cred: Kate Maxwell Photography}

1. Include Your Wedding Website I can’t stress this one enough! You may have put it on your save the date, but it’s a long time between when they get the save the date and then the invitation. Though you want to believe your save the date is proudly displayed in their home, the truth is it may have eventually gotten bumped off for another fridge-worthy piece of snail mail. (If you’re looking for a great wedding website service, check out It has password-protected options and has mobile-friendly versions!) {Photo Cred: Kelsey Combe Photography}

2. Decide if a details card is necessary Though I believe the wedding website somewhere in your suite is a must, if you have a reception card where you can include the URL you may be able to forego the info card completely! (Woo hoo – money saver!) {Photo Cred: Ashley Therese Photography}

3. Share Some Information, Not All Information In this digital era, people don’t need turn-by-turn directions. If the location is hard to find or there’s some snag in the usual route, it’s helpful to include that detail. But at the end of the day, most of us have our smartphones which give us all the info we need.  This is why including the wedding website is so important; it gives you the opportunity to communicate as much info as you want to your guests online, and update it as things change (e.g. one hotel block books up!).{Photo Cred: Brooke Allison Photo}

3. Reiterate Weekend Details to Hotel GuestsIt’s great to tell people about the Sunday brunch on the info card or website, but they may not remember all this the weekend activities of your wedding (especially if they’ve had a few too many signature cocktails at the bar the night before!). This is why a welcome bag or some note to hotel guests is vital. Shuttle times, Sunday brunch; this is information that needs to be reiterated upon arrival !{Photo Cred: Vicki + Erik Photographers}The key is to strike a balance of being helpful + informative without overwhelming your guests with too much information on one card. Follow these guidelines, and you’re sure to have happy + well-informed guests! For more pretty wedding paper details, be sure to check out this blog section!

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