What I’ve Been up to + What’s to Come


I’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks. Okay, I’ve been hard at work since I decided to take this business dream out for a spin, but more specifically I’ve been in full-on planning mode. 2014 wedding season preparation is under way for lots of newly engaged couples, and I’ve been taking a hard look at what has worked for me this past season + what hasn’t. I’ve hired some fabulous vendors to help boost my brand (web coding, financial planning, really all the things that aren’t my forte), which has allowed me to focus more on what I do best: designing.I’m changing the format of my business a bit to give brides more options on paper goodness, while hopefully allowing for some semblance of a personal life! I’m pumped to share with you all the final result in the coming months (not to mention all the 2013 custom wedding designs I’ve created for my awesome brides), but for now here’s a little preview of a new RD design.

It’s called The Milford, in honor of a place that has quickly become like a second home to me.

  1. Brooke says:

    love this post and LOVE that you are putting part of putting Milford on the map 🙂

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