What to Write on Your Save the Date Cards


Save-the-Date season is well underway here for my 2019 brides, and I’ve noticed that over the years one of the biggest questions I get asked is, “What info should I include on my save the date cards?”Save the dates are so important because they set the tone for your wedding. It’s the first peek your guests have of the look of your wedding, so you want to make a great first impression! But it’s also equally important to give clear information so you don’t have people constantly calling you, asking for more details on your big day.Each couple is different, but here are the basics you need to include on your save the date.

Name. Sometimes a particular design can look better with first names only. However, if you have very common names like “Matt and Sarah”, you may want to include full names to be safe.

Date. If it’s a day besides Saturday consider including that detail, so guests know if they need to take additional time off from work.

Wedding Website. If you are on the fence about whether to do one or not, check out this post explaining why having one is essential to successful wedding planning. Bonus: it includes my favorite wedding website services!I also highly recommend getting a short URL. If you get a long one from the service you choose, you can go to godaddy.com, purchase a domain, and in the control panel choose to forward it to your wedding webpage. A custom URL can be as cheap as $1, and nothing detracts from a beautiful save the date card more than a long URL full of letters and back slashes! Beyond that, the variance in text is completely optional. Some may opt for sticking with tradition and adding “formal invitation to follow”, but modern etiquette doesn’t require this. Some couples opt for removing “Save the Date” all together!You also want to think about which (if any) part you want to emphasize. Some like their names to be front + center, while others choose to highlight the date itself. The best piece of advice I can give is to be open-minded.

If you don’t have strong opinions on how things are written or laid out, it will give you more options when choosing a design.

I always tell my couples the more flexible they are, the more creative I can be with their design options!

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