What’s Inspiring Me: Gold


I love gold; it is such a versatile and commanding color. It can be funky, playful, fancy, refined…it all depends on how you use it. Lately I’ve been thinking about using it for a paper design. There are some great Pantone metallic color options that will give you that dynamic color and texture. But if you want to take it even further, you can try foil stamping. With a metallic ink, sometimes the ink gets saturated into the paper to a point where the gold will look dull. However, foil stamping is a step after printing that literally stamps gold foil into the paper with heat so you maintain that bright, metallic effect. Here are two great examples to compare: {Business cards with Pantone gold from CARD DSGN }{Business cards with gold foil stamp from Edyta Photography} Both make a strong statement, but that foil stamp elevates it to that next level with that gloss and sheen. Obviously foil stamping can be expensive, but the cost is based on the size of the foil print area. So if for example you only want it for the names on the invitation, you may get a better cost. So in honor of gold, here are some images to get you inspired…{Tablescape from Martha Stewart Weddings} {Invitation from Bella Figura} {Bangle from Tiffany & Co.} {Product from Etsy via upintheairsomewhere} {Image: Smart Aesthetic Blog} {Image: Style Me Pretty} {Book from Kate Spade via Felt & Wire} {Dress from Red Valentino via Atlantic-Pacific Blog}

Anyone looking to incorporate gold into one of their print designs? I’d love to hear from you!

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