What’s Inspiring Me: My Mother


I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day! In honor of this occasion, I’m taking the opportunity to dedicate this week’s post to my Mom.I definitely get my artistic chops from my Momma. She was crafting + creating before the term “DIY” even existed, and whatever project I came home with from school we always found a fun + creative way to bring it to life. Whether it was cooking “cucharas chocolates” for Spanish class or making a Disney-themed archipelago out of paper mache for social studies, she showed me how to think outside the box + visualize the world in different ways. I began to see artistic skill as something of value, and growing up it was a really important outlet for me.My mother is level-headed, thoughtful and patient (very unbecoming of an artistic spirit!). Growing up, she was constantly telling me to slow down. It’s advice I hated because I wanted to do a million things all at once, and clearly not too much has changed. But the advice is just as important today, and it’s something I carry with me. Because the truth is when we focus only on what’s in front of us, that’s when we create something truly amazing. My mom’s latest artistic endeavor is sailor’s valentines (click here to learn more about them). She brings home shells from her travels with my father, then thoughtfully and patiently puts together the most beautiful works of art.

I’m excited to share with you her amazing work, and remind you mothers out there the power you have to shape your children’s dreams.

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