Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony


Hi, Friends! Today I am talking about unplugged weddings: why you need to have one, and how to explain it to your guests. Unplugged weddings are not new, but I’m surprised the last 2 seasons when I proposed signage for one how many had never heard of it. So today I’m giving you the scoop on what I consider a must for your wedding! So finally, what is an unplugged wedding? An unplugged wedding is when you ask your family, friends and guest to turn off their phones, iPads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony. In this digital age where we want to share pretty things happening in our lives right away, weddings are an exciting opportunity to share gorgeous eye candy with your friends + followers. But an Instagram photo is fleeting, wedding photos are what you look back at for years to come. When you allow your guests to snap images with their phones at your ceremony, three things can happen…

  1. Your ceremony photos can include guests holding up cell phones (covering their face + smile)

  2. Your well-meaning guests can block your photographers from getting the perfect shot

  3. Your guests aren’t fully present during your ceremony because they’re focusing on their phones








None of these scenarios sound attractive on your big day, do they? So now that I’ve convinced to go “unplugged”, you’re wondering how you should go about letting your guests know. With signage, of course! I always recommend a separate sign at the entrance PLUS a note in the ceremony program. If you only put it in the program, you risk people not reading it before the beginning of the ceremony. With the entrance sign, you get ’em right when they arrive.Remember: this is only for the ceremony. Once people get to the reception, let them snap their hearts out! (In fact, Instagram hashtags are one of my most popular wedding signage requests!). These days, it’s hard to get people to separate from their devices for very long. But a ceremony is ultimately a small part of the day, and should be taken in with focus + open hearts.And below are two of my lovely couples who followed my recommendation, and got that perfect, frameable, unforgettable walk-up-the-aisle shot.Disclaimer: An unplugged sign does not guarantee 100% compliance. Senior guests in particular seem to consistently be the rule-breakers. But images of them trying to get to the camera app in their phone in time for the shot are so adorable + rarely get in the way of anyone :). Looking for more wedding planning advice?

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Photo Credits: Image 1 – Stefanie Kapra Photo / Images 2 + 7 – Meg Miller Photography / Images 3 + 6 – Eileen Meny Photography / Image 4 – Craig Paulson Photography / Image 5 – Ashley Therese Photography

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