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I get A LOT of emails every day. Between my 9-5 gig, the design business and my personal life, I’m managing a bunch of inboxes and people in need of information. Trimming down my inbox means deleting or marking as read those emails which aren’t too important (mostly clothing sales + Staples coupons), and this […]

I Almost Missed This….

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In case you missed it, Friday I had the pleasure of being featured on Brooke Allison Photo’s blog.There are some friends you meet and instantly it feels like you’ve known them for years. Brooke is exactly that to me (not to mention she is an incredibly talented photographer), so I feel very lucky I got […]

Featured Post on Brooke Allison Photo

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I’ve always thought that I had things worth saying and a knack for eloquent writing. These are clearly two key requirements for starting a blog, but you need a platform. Creating a blog simply called “Sandy Says” seemed like the ultimate act of vanity, so when deciding to go full force with my dream of starting […]

Here Goes Nothing…

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