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  I originally wrote this post about vintage stamps for wedding invitations back in 2013 (10 years ago!). It’s such an important topic—one that my couples are asking about more + more each season—that I knew it was time for an update. I hope this post about using vintage stamps and how to use special […]

How to Use Vintage Postage Stamps for Your Wedding

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Michelle Edgemont (a fabulous wedding planner in NYC) recently said in article that “running a business means constantly living in the space between jubilation and terror”. This really hit home for me. Most days having this business feels like Christmas morning. I wake up and the first thing I do is check my email. Sometimes […]

Having it All

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Tomorrow may be Valentine’s Day, but let’s not forget before you had that special someone, you had your girlfriends. They’ve been there through it all, and at your wedding it’s important to show them some love! So I’ve put together some cute gift ideas for your gals. These are great ways to thank them for […]

All Hail The Bridesmaid!

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I recently purchased a fabulous custom case for my e-reader on Etsy and it got me seriously inspired by monograms. They can sneak into pretty much every part of our lives. They are no longer reserved for the preppy and simple, and can go in so many style directions. Here’s a little sampling of some […]

What’s Inspiring Me: Monograms

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My Goodreads updates have probably been a bit boring for my followers! The reason is that nowadays much of my reading time is devoted to blogs. Every day I go to my RSS feeder app on my iPhone and catch up on all the ones I follow. Blogs are a fantastic (not to mention free) resource […]

My Favorite Blogs

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A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Amanda, the mommy-to-be. This baby shower was quite special for me because the client is also my best friend!I designed a paper suite of grey and soft pink, with roses as a nod to the middle name of both Mom and Baby. Amanda’s mother wanted to do a […]

Amanda’s Book Themed Baby Shower

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I’ve been an Etsy buyer for a long time, but now that I am also a seller I have a stronger appreciation for all it is and does. Everyone can get behind the idea of supporting small business. On Etsy, you can find the most incredible gifts (often for the same or less than you’d […]

My Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

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The biggest challenge with starting this business is that on any given day, there about 1,000 things I could and should be doing. When you own your own business, you’re wearing many hats. This truth coupled with my serious right-brain tendencies can make me feel like I’m on an endless uphill battle. (I’ll refrain from […]

Setting Goals

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 The Roseville Designs Etsy store has officially opened! It’s a very exciting day for me as a lot of work has gone into this, but there is still a lot more to be done. Please come visit the store here, and notice the fancy new widget on this site featuring some of my products. Don’t forget to […]

Etsy Store Launch

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There is a lot getting done here at Roseville Designs! I’ve been a busy bee preparing for the Etsy store launch and setting up the custom design side of the business. One exciting update you’ll see on the website is a Portfolio tab. This is a preview of some of the items I’ll be selling on […]

Design Work Preview!

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