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  If you’re like me, you’ve gotten a continuous stream of emails from retailers, museums, and other businesses with information about what changes they are making to their day-to-day operations during the coronavirus pandemic, or sadly, how they are closing. It’s a scary + uncertain time, and makes coordinating your 2020 wedding incredibly difficult. How […]

Wedding invitation tips during the coronavirus pandemic

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Save-the-Date season is well underway here for my 2019 brides, and I’ve noticed that over the years one of the biggest questions I get asked is, “What info should I include on my save the date cards?”Save the dates are so important because they set the tone for your wedding. It’s the first peek your […]

What to Write on Your Save the Date Cards

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Hi, Friends! Today I am talking about unplugged weddings: why you need to have one, and how to explain it to your guests. Unplugged weddings are not new, but I’m surprised the last 2 seasons when I proposed signage for one how many had never heard of it. So today I’m giving you the scoop […]

Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

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Today I’m excited to share the ultimate guide to wedding websites! I did a ton of research to find the best free and paid wedding website services, and put together my top 3 website services for newly engaged couples to consider!Whenever I get to the phase of working out the details of the entire wedding […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Wedding Websites

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I get A LOT of emails every day. Between my 9-5 gig, the design business and my personal life, I’m managing a bunch of inboxes and people in need of information. Trimming down my inbox means deleting or marking as read those emails which aren’t too important (mostly clothing sales + Staples coupons), and this […]

I Almost Missed This….

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Oh, pricing, you saucy minx. You are the thing we cannot avoid, and that which we can never seem to fully tackle. You make even the most confident creative business owner anxiously question their tactics and plans. One of the lessons I’ve learned (which I highlighted in this earlier post) was that to be a successful creative entrepreneur, you […]

The Truth about Pricing

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Michelle Edgemont (a fabulous wedding planner in NYC) recently said in article that “running a business means constantly living in the space between jubilation and terror”. This really hit home for me. Most days having this business feels like Christmas morning. I wake up and the first thing I do is check my email. Sometimes […]

Having it All

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My Goodreads updates have probably been a bit boring for my followers! The reason is that nowadays much of my reading time is devoted to blogs. Every day I go to my RSS feeder app on my iPhone and catch up on all the ones I follow. Blogs are a fantastic (not to mention free) resource […]

My Favorite Blogs

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It’s hard to believe it’s the last day of 2012. So many people are figuring out their new year’s resolution and thinking ahead to what’s in store for 2013. This is common practice, but we often forget to reflect back on the year we’ve had. One of my favorite blogs, Making Things Happen, had a […]

2012 in Review

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I’m getting ready to host and cook for family. This week is bound to get crazy quickly for many of us.This beautifully designed mantra from Lara Casey’s Making Things Happen gave me a nice dose of comfort and motivation today. I hope it does the same for all […]

Making Things Happen

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