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  Doing wedding rsvps online or via mail The question I’m constantly asked by Los Angeles and Connecticut wedding couples is, should we do rsvp’s online or through the mail? We are living in an increasingly digital world, but almost all couples send invitations in the mail. Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, and because it’s […]

Should I Have Guests RSVP to my Wedding Online?

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  Today I’m sharing with you all the elements that can be included on an RSVP card. This is an essential piece of your invitation suite, so it’s important to dissect it and figure out what you should have on yours to get the information back that you need! Let’s start with the basics. What […]

What Do I Include on my RSVP Card?

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  You may have heard from some of your vendors about wedding invitation production/printing delays and/or shortages. I thought I’d break it down for you when it comes to wedding invitations + stationery, to help you understand the background a bit! Damn you, COVID Just like the curtains you ordered months ago that are still […]

COVID and Wedding Invitation Production Delays

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How do you tell guests about covid guidelines at your wedding? I want to discuss a topic that is coming up with every single couple I’m working with: how to share covid guidelines. This is something you’ll discuss with your venue and planner (if you have one), but you’ll also need to figure this out […]

How Do You Tell Guests About COVID Guidelines At Your Wedding?

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  What’s the Difference Between Escort Cards + Place Cards? When new clients fill out my form, they often check off both wedding escort cards and place cards, or only place cards. This leads me to ask the question, “do you know the difference?” Most couples say, “I have no idea!”. This happens equally with […]

Day-of Stationery: Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

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  A few weeks past I posted on Instagram about how I think custom invitations for micro weddings are just as important—if not more—than the standard large wedding. And in most cases, doing something custom, with plus-ups,  is more attainable. Let’s discuss… What is a microwedding? Let’s start with some definitions here so we are all […]

Invitations for Micro Weddings

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  If you’re like me, you’ve gotten a continuous stream of emails from retailers, museums, and other businesses with information about what changes they are making to their day-to-day operations during the coronavirus pandemic, or sadly, how they are closing. It’s a scary + uncertain time, and makes coordinating your 2020 wedding incredibly difficult. How […]

Wedding invitation tips during the coronavirus pandemic

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Today I’m talking about wedding themes, if you need one, and how to do it in an elegant (and not gimmicky) way! The first question is what is a wedding theme? Back in the day, you chose colors, a dress, and had an elegant evening of celebration. But today, as more couples are choosing to […]

How to Do a Wedding Theme

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In trying to save money for your wedding, or being able to take something off the to-do list, have you asked “do I need wedding programs”? I think a lot of brides go to day-of paper when thinking about where to make cuts. Your invitations are essential, but is the stationery at your wedding frivolous? […]

Day-of Stationery: Do I Need Wedding Programs?

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